Introducing the Feature Five Flourish Compilation

The Feature Five Flourish Compilation is a selection of articles, podcasts, books, and all things wellness I found insightful and inspiring in the past month. By sharing these resources, my hope is the part of you, who desires to be well and serve well will move toward the stages of change – going from “I can’t flourish” to “I (still) am flourishing.”

Here’s a look at this month’s compilation:

  1. The Lift Project

Last week was the final week of a well-being adventure I took part in, graciously offered by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in partnership with The Lift Project. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

It was 10 weeks long with weekly lessons and call-to-actions to practice various ways to uplift the mood and spirit. I found each topic in this program gets you to step toward feeling good inside and out. I loved the highly captivating and explosive creativity brimming from the graphics to the quotes and the delivery of the topics through various modalities. Dr. Darren Morton – the creator, brought his down-to-earth and upbeat personality to light, making the lessons more enjoyable and easy to grasp.

If you’re not familiar, The Lift Project is a fun, evidence-based program exploring science-based strategies from Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology that can lift your mood and life. Below is an image that encompassed all of the lesson topics with the acronym S.M.I.L.E.R.S:


2. Five Ways to Break the Cycle of Sugar Cravings

From my experience as a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach, I know that many people struggle with sugar cravings. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to pull yourself out of the sugar cycle once you’re in the habit of consuming sugary foods.  

Levels, a company specializing in helping individuals learn about their metabolic health, published this article covering the science of sugar cravings – from environmental cues to the way your brain is wired.

I invite you to give it a read: The science on sugar cravings and how to beat them.

3. Hack your Hormones using the Power of Cycle Syncing

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about women’s hormones lately, so when I saw this podcast episode in my feed, I had to listen to it! I wish this information was available when I was in my 20s, but I know I can still use it for myself and share it with you as well.

Did you know your body goes through four different phases due to your monthly cycle? Something I sorta knew but I wasn’t completely familiar with. By knowing your body well, you can harness this rhythm, known as the infradian rhythm, to further optimize our well-being.

So go for a walk and listen to this hour interview with Taylor Groff about the Cycle Syncing method, where you learn what your hormones are doing for each cycle and how to best support them, so you’re feeling your best.

Podcast Interview link => How Women Can Hack Their Hormones using the Power of Cycle Syncing with Dhru Purohit

4. Set a Goal to Beat Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month, and I’d like to finish off the month by sharing with you questions to come up with goals for healthy stress relief.  

If you’re already familiar with the SMART strategy to set goals, you’re on the right path. When you write down your goals to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-connected, you’re more likely to achieve your goals.

So here are questions to consider adapted from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine: 


5. Jacksonville Momcast

Some of you might know that my family relocated to Jacksonville, Fl, in the summer of 2021 from San Diego, CA. While we’ve only been here less than a year, it feels like home. I couldn’t be more grateful to have connected with Shannon, the host of Jacksonville Momcast and also the creative behind Jacksonville Beach Moms. I had a wonderful chat with her about health and wellness coaching.  

Would love for you to tune in!