You’re here because you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change!

You realized you no longer want to sacrifice your well-being. You’re ready to prioritize yourself so you can take control and transform your health.

You want to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors, but unsure where to start.

Healthy behaviors like eating well, moving everyday, getting good quality sleep, and managing stress. You know these lifestyle behaviors will make you feel more energized. Better yet, you’ll experience better clarity with room for creativity and increased productivity. And let’s not forget, having your spirit fulfilled as you find more meaning and purpose.

The changes you desire to Be Well, so you can Serve Well are possible!

Evoke Strong founder
Elaine Dusetzina is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach trained through Wellcoaches, an ACLM certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach and a Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach


Hi, I’m Elaine Dusetzina – founder of Evoke Strong Health and Wellness LLC.

It’s blessing to be a part of your wellness journey! 

I’m a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a heart for wellness. I’m here to provide the support you need to implement healthy lifestyle behaviors and take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

Being able to transform my health has driven my passion for helping others do the same. I believe in the power of healthy behaviors as the path to restoring the body and mind to balance. So, let’s bring out your strengths as you stay true to your values while making impactful changes to revitalize your wellbeing.

Evoke Strong Origins

The idea of Evoke Strong was born from my personal health transformation journey sparked by unexpected results revealed after a long overdue doctor’s visit.

After I transitioned out of the Navy, I embraced the role of stay-at-home mom. Motherhood is an incredible blessing, and I wanted to be present for every milestone my children achieved as they grew up. However, as the kids became my #1 priority, self-care took a toll. So even though I knew the importance of yearly check-ups, I decided to skip a few years.

Do you see your doctor every year, or have you been skipping out on it too?

Until November of 2015. I sat in the exam room expecting nothing out of the ordinary. Little did I know I was in for a surprise when the doctor revealed the lab results. I never imagined my glucose (A1C) and triglyceride levels to be considerably higher than they ever were! Levels indicating insulin resistance.

With a bit of denial, I questioned how did this happen? I thought I had excellent health. After all, I just ran the Marine Corps Marathon along with a handful of other races in the past year.  I expressed to my doctor my concern about these results. Because I was a runner and not overweight, he wasn’t worried at all. However, I felt frustrated because I was curious and wanted answers.

Have you had unexpected and worrisome results after a doctor’s visit?

I knew I needed to do something! The built-up anxiety led me to research the root causes of insulin resistance. Looking back at the previous years, I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself like I thought I did. Yes, I was running, but perhaps too much.

  • The added strain on my body contributed to more stress.
  • What I ate also had a big impact since my nutrition was not optimal.
  • Sleep was also an issue and I needed to handle my stress levels.

After facing my reality, I decided it was up to me to make some changes.  That I have the choice, and I can be in control of my health. I came up with a plan and experimented with ways to lower my levels.

To Serve Well, I Need to Be Well.

Even when it wasn’t easy, one thing that helped me take steps forward was envisioning my life in the future. I saw myself as strong, healthy, and thriving. Being well means I can best serve God’s purpose for me. I realize when my vessel is empty, those whom I love are most impacted.

Within a year, the small steps of implementing self-care behaviors made a huge difference. It was a complete overhaul of my lifestyle that proved genuinely worthwhile!

Yes, you can make small meaningful changes!

The heartbeat of Evoke Strong is the belief you can transform your health with positive lifestyle behaviors.

With an approach rooted in compassion, we close the gap between where you are today and where you’d like to be.

We focus on positivity and growth within a non-judgmental space.

As a result, you develop self-awareness and become more confident with making sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

It’s an Honor to Serve You!


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About evoke STRONG


  • When I was 12, my family (mom and 3 siblings – Dad was already in the U.S.) immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines. I remember I was so excited to see water flow out of a faucet in our 1-bedroom apartment that I volunteered to wash the dishes every day! Growing up without running water – meaning no showers or flushable toilets- helped me develop a greater sense of gratitude. I’m definitely grateful for all blessings – big or small.


  • My love for running started when I joined the cross-country team in high school. I dream of finishing all six World Marathon Majors (3 more to go! – Tokyo, London, and Berlin) before turning 60. Running marathons helped me discover a part of me that I didn’t even know was there. Notably, the depths of my strength in mind and spirit as I dove deep inside to get through the most challenging parts of many races. As a result, I understand how resilience is built when we learn to overcome our biggest obstacles.


  • Receiving an NROTC scholarship in my first year in college was one huge blessing! It set me on the path to serve as a Naval Officer for 11 years. In the Navy is where I learned to become a mature and responsible adult. Where I harnessed courage and developed a thicker skin. It’s where I also learned how to connect and interact with a myriad of personalities. Best of all, I met lifelong friends and the love of my life.  Being a part of the military has led me to where I am today.


  • Motherhood has changed me to be a better person – more loving, more patient, and having pure joy. The best part of motherhood is bearing witness to two playful, fun-loving, and kindhearted souls grow in front of my very eyes. My heart has grown exponentially with so much love and compassion because of them.


  • To be a believer is transformative, that my renewed faith in God has pulled me in the direction of serving His purpose. 1 Peter 4:10 – As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.


Education and certifications:

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

wellcoach logo  Health and Wellness Coach

National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach

ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Coach

American Council on Exercise Behavior Change Specialist

M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, California University of PA