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Discover how you can build the skills and confidence to prioritize your well-being with the support of a health and wellness coach.

Client Experience

Grace T.Project Manager

I am stronger physically and mentally than ever before. I learned it's ok to take time for myself. My experience has really made a positive impact in my health journey. It helped me formulate realistic goals that encouraged and inspired me to continue with creating healthier habits. Having someone to talk to about my physical and mental well being regularly was the highlight of my experience.

Angie G.HR Professional

Coaching helped me stay accountable, which was the hardest part for me. Having the guidance from Elaine really helped me stay on track. Prior to Elaine’s coaching, I was always feeling tired and had many health issues and I was concerned about my weight. I was the heaviest I had ever been and it became depressing. With her follow up and encouragement daily, that helped me stay focused.

Anne B.Performance Improvement Consultant

I'm more aware of how important discipline and consistency are to reach my goals, to celebrate successes and small wins but also be kind to myself when I "slip" sometimes and remind myself that tomorrow is another day. I learned that achieving my health and wellness goals are not as hard as I thought it would be as long as I align them with my long term goals and values. Elaine is a good listener and is very encouraging and positive. She really takes the time to understand your values and motivation in order to better guide you to be successful.

Coaching Services

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Boost Your Self-Care Confidence

  • 60-minute session (Zoom or phone call)
  • Envisioned Portrait of your Desired Health and Well-being
  • Self-Care Action Plan

Make Self-Care a Common Practice (5 sessions)

  • Five weekly coaching sessions (Zoom or phone call)
  • Self-Awareness and Accountability
  • Growth and Progress

Adopt Self-Care Habits to Nourish Your Well-Being

  • Best Investment of Self-Care
  • 13 weekly sessions (3-month program)
  • Commit to your Well-Being


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