mid-year check in self care

The Mid-Year Check In

Can you believe we’re halfway through 2023?  I say around this time is the perfect opportunity to check in.  To pause and reflect on the Wellness Vision you created and committed to this year. If you don’t have a Wellness Vision, no worries! I encourage you to sit down today and think about your hopes and wishes for your health, fitness, and overall wellness. You can learn more about creating a Wellness Vision from this post.

But to those who have committed to a Wellness Vision and have written down an action plan to work toward your vision, I invite you to check in with yourself. If you keep a journal, review your accomplishments and challenges. Or, if you didn’t have the chance to write them down in the past several months, take time now to jot down your small and big wins and take note of the barriers you’ve encountered along the way.


Questions to consider:

Suppose you’ve worked with a coach before or seeking to work with one. In that case, you’ll notice that your coach would ask questions that lead you to open up about yourself, where you end up sharing a story that helps you gain insight into your values, strengths, and motivations. The questions move you forward to change, so you do what’s best for your well-being.

Let me share a few questions for you to consider as you do your mid-year check-in:

  • When reviewing your list of wins/challenges, what has been your best learning experience?

  • How have you grown in the past six months?

  • Looking at your Wellness Vision, is it still relevant today as it did when you created it?  

  • What makes your Wellness Vision and wellness goals meaningful?

  • Moving forward, what level of commitment do you have with your wellness goals?

Need a Refresh?

Perhaps time got away from you, and your intentions to create space to care for your well-being didn’t happen. It’s absolutely ok. Unexpected circumstances are a part of the natural course of our lives. The beautiful blessing is you can always start over at any time. Your body, mind, and spirit will be grateful when you choose to nourish it.

So if you need a refresh in the next six months – to bring energy back to your wellness goals and seek support, I’d love to connect with you. Imagine what your health and well-being would look like by the end of 2023 when you decide to start today.