turn down noise, tune inwards

Turn Down the Noise and Tune Inwards to Heal

If there is one thing you need to listen to the most, I’d say it would be your inner being. Turn down the noise from your environment and immerse in a conversation with yourself can do wonders for your well-being. At least it did for Cheryl Kemppainen.
I had the pleasure of sharing Cheryl’s story on a show I created a couple of years ago called Health Transformation Stories.  These stories are shared to inspire others to go on a journey to change their lifestyle and transform their health to one that is thriving and fulfilling.

Tuning in to Heal

Initially, Cheryl had a feeling that something isn’t quite right with her body. That the food she thought was healthy surprisingly turned out to be poison and caused her body to shut down like kale, beans, and legumes – other high fiber foods that didn’t sit well with someone who had a digestive disorder. When Cheryl got really sick that she couldn’t leave her house, she finally sought out help. She was diagnosed with colitis, which is an autoimmune disorder of the colon. However, along with that she also suffered with anxiety and depression. The mind is not separate from the body.  Many studies published point to gut health affecting the brain’s condition as well.
turn down noise
As many of the women I’ve interviewed on the show, Cheryl is another testament of how awareness and being mindful of what we feed our body and how it makes us feel leads to better health. To discover the kind of food that worked for Cheryl’s body, she experimented with an elimination diet. Gluten and dairy were also trigger foods for her in addition to the high fiber foods. In time, her body went back into balance. She noticed the difference in the way she felt. Therefore, she knew she was taking the right approach.

Quieting the Noise

I find it interesting how opportunities happen for the best. Cheryl found herself moving from a busy, noisy city of Seoul, Korea to a quiet remote place in Northern Canada where the population consists more of mosquitoes than people! By turning down the noise, Cheryl focused on herself.  This is where her transformation really took hold. In the process of healing and understanding the connection between mind and body, Cheryl studied and got certified as a yoga teacher.  A yoga practice helped increase her mind-body awareness.
Also because of her experience and the curiosity to learn more about healing her condition, she went to school to become certified as a Holistic Nutritionist. Now she works individually with people to rebalance their bodies to heal. When a body is out balance, it lets you know with a variety of displeasing symptoms to the point where your body can no longer function. However, the magic or the miracle is your body’s capability to heal when you give what it needs.

Cheryl’s Words of Wisdom for you!

We have to remember in life is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anybody else…give yourself space, give yourself time to invest in yourself because you are worth it.”
Find a support system who will support you through the changes that you make.”

Access the video below to watch the full interview:



  1. Yes, we all need to be more in tune with ourselves!

  2. Listening to your body is critical to overall health. It’s definitely an underrated concept.

  3. It’s so important to be in tune with oneself. It’s really tough, though, in the “noisy” world…so many distractions…

    1. We definitely have more distractions today with advanced technology particularly social media.

  4. Since taking on the Miracle Morning Challenge I’ve found having 10 minutes to myself to go through the Headspace app really beneficial.

    1. That’s great, Chris! The Miracle Morning is an excellent resource to learn how to establish a morning routine.

  5. I have such a hard time tuning into some of this myself!

    1. Yes it’s certainly a challenge for a lot of people.

  6. What a great interview subject! Today I learned: That gut health is connected to the brain. I had no idea!

    1. Thanks Lex! Yes the research is incredible – every cell of our body is interconnected which is why it’s important to look at our conditions from a holistic perspective.

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