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Self-Reflection to Unlock your Motivation

Are you frustrated by a lack of motivation to start your wellness goals?  Or maybe you participated in a fitness program but now that it’s over, you can’t seem to continue on your own?  Unfortunately, motivation or the lack of it is a struggle for many.

You aspire to eat better or get more sleep, yet you are not driven to take action.  Where is the drive to meet your self-care needs?  Well, there are two ways you can kick yourself into gear. One is a short term fix that you may be familiar with already – the one coming from external sources. Maybe it’s a fitness group you recently joined.  Or your company offering incentives when you walk 10000 steps daily.

Unfortunately, this type of motivation doesn’t last long.  I would guess you’d rather have the other kind of motivation.  The motivation that comes from within, in other words ‘self-motivation.’ It’s what would help you make lasting lifestyle changes leading to your improved health and well-being.  No one else is driving it but you.  You may need guidance in the beginning, but ultimately you are in the driver’s seat of this wellness journey.

So let’s draw out your self-motivation by asking yourself these three questions:
  1. What are the values do you want to live by in your life?  In a previous post, I talked about connecting your values with your wellness.  This is a powerful exercise to do as you discover what matters to you the most.
  2. What would you like more in your life?  Energy to do the things you love to do? Be a role model for your family or in your community?  Feel best in your body, mind, and spirit?
  3. What are you are doing today that hinders you from living your values or achieving what you want more in life?

It’s difficult to face the hard truth about yourself.  But when you ask self-reflective questions, you might notice inconsistencies that aren’t aligned with your core values.  Once you do, you are taking the first step towards change which is awareness.  By knowing where the gaps are,  you can focus on closing those gaps to be closer to where you want to be, when it comes to your health and well-being..

I am curious to know where your motivation comes from.  From within?  Or outside sources What keeps you motivated?



  1. I love your questions! I’m a strong self motivator so I’d say my motivation comes from within and yet it’s spurred on by things I want to accomplish, like travel more.

    1. Hi Cindy, good to hear the questions helped with sparking your interest in traveling more 🙂

  2. Great questions for self reflection! I am internally motivated, but some accountability always helps!

  3. I am totally someone who is motivated by deadlines. I leave everything to the last minute but it gives me the extra push to get it done!

  4. There are various things that keep me motivated – my friends, my family, the need to challenge myself. It’s so important to stay motivated and ask yourself those 3 important questions.

  5. I agree with everything here. Self reflection is SO important…when it comes to motivation and constantly learning more about yourself!

  6. I’m pretty self-motivated. I set my goals, and then I go to work. I find that sticking to a regular routine is the best way to succeed, so I just force myself to keep on track.

  7. Honestly, I have a lot of different things that motivate me, but ultimately I want to live by example. I believe in being active, fit and healthy, and that only happens when I take action. I also want to be a positive influence on my friends and family, so most of what I do for myself (hopefully) reflects on my those around me.

    1. Your beliefs translate into action and you’re a positive force in your community! I love it Kim 🙂

  8. I’m very motivated when I have a clear goal I’m working towards.

  9. Interesting! I am more motivated when I am working towards a specific goal

  10. I am motivated by goals that I have set. I do much better when I have something I am working towards!

    1. Hi Sandra, it sounds like you are driven by progress and achievement. That when you’re successful with the goals you set, you are fulfilled.

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