Farewell 2019, Hello to a New Year: Time for Reflections

January of last year,  I selected GROWTH as my one-word intention, with a focus on emotional, spiritual, and professional growth.  While I already touched on some aspects of how I grew spiritually and professionally, I haven’t addressed the part about my emotional growth.  I admit it’s the one thing I found most challenging.  However, here’s what I learned from setting this intention.


This year I’ve learned to acknowledge and accept my emotions.  For many years I turned to repression whenever I encountered an emotion I viewed as negative.  I refrained from expressing grief or sadness as I thought it showed weakness.  Enter Brene Brown!  Someone who introduced vulnerability as a badge of courage.  No longer should we feel shameful for the emotions we experience.  Rather we should embrace and welcome our feelings as they define us as humans. While it’s still a work in progress, I am building up the courage to be more vocal about the way I feel.


Learning as a Strength

What also helped me tremendously was the Coaching Psychology class I took as part of the graduate program I finished this past year.  With learning as one of my top 5 strengths identified from the Strengthsfinder test, I strived to learn and put into action the strategies presented in class to improve my emotional and mental well-being.  More details about it is on this previous post about the top three practices to achieve optimal emotional and mental fitness .  The training I received through Wellcoaches to become a Health and Wellness Coach was a huge benefit not only professionally, but also personally.  It satisfied my love for learning.  But more importantly, it raised my awareness with regards to the multiple dimensions of a thriving well-being.   I realized I had to work on my emotional fitness.  Hence, my intention for emotional growth in 2019.

Growth endures

I will never stop growing!  My well-being particularly my mental and emotional state will continue to evolve as the years pass.  Using mindfulness as a tool to be self-aware, I know I can build on the habit of identifying how I feel.  And then dig deeper to find out what need is or isn’t being satisfied. It’s a continual process of self-discovery and working towards a better version of me.  Along the same lines of emotional growth, I have selected my one-word intention for 2020 – RELEASE!  More about why I chose this intention on my next post 🙂

What did you learn about yourself in 2019?  What do you see yourself working on for 2020?



  1. I learned quite a bit in 2019. This year I need to work on self-discipline and organization. It sounds like 2019 was a year of personal growth for you! I am hoping 2020 is for me!!

    1. I wish you the best this year with working on self-discipline and organization.

  2. 2019 definitely sounds like it was a great year of growth for you! I agree that life is a continual process of learning and improving. I like the word you chose for this year–looking forward to following your journey!

    1. It was a wonderful year Farrah. Thanks!

  3. It does sound like 2019 was a great year of personal growth! And I love your choice of word for 2020!

    1. Thanks Michelle – excited for this year.

  4. I’m so glad you were able to embrace your growth into the new year! Growth and evolving as a person can be so fantastic and it’s refreshing to start your new year with fresh perspective!

    1. I definitely love the idea of setting a one-word intention for the year and working to become better at it.

  5. It sounds like 2019 was a great year of growth for you!

    One thing I learned in 2019 is that my love of fitness is always changing. I found a new “spark” with orangetheory fitness this year. It was completely unexpected but I’m so happy that it happened.

    1. 2019 was an exceptional year of growth for me. That’s great you found Orangetheory as a new and exciting way to elevate your fitness!

  6. I love this post Elaine! I just makes me feel like 2019 was so good to you.

    I learned only that I don’t do well with pain or with not having an outlet to my depression and anxiety. So this year I’m not setting myself up for huge achievements, rather I want to enjoy and find joy in what I’m able to do right now. And put my passion in play somewhere where others can also benefit from it.

    1. Thank you Renee! It was a wonderful year. I understand where you’re coming from and that you’ve discovered what’s best for your well-being.

  7. Congrats on a great year of self-discovery! I’m really intrigued to hear more about Release! That’s something we all need to embrace 😉

    1. Thanks Kim. I feel ‘release’ would benefit me greatly in the coming year and will go into more detail in this week’s blog post 🙂

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