Be Well to Serve Well

How are you doing?  How is your health and well-being?  I am counting today as Day 7 since the COVID pandemic announcement.  Physically, I feel great with enough energy to take care of the kids, our home, and get some work done in between.  Mentally and emotionally, I am working on my optimism and resilience. I continue to wake up early in the morning to go through my usual morning routine of meditation, gratitude, and prayer.  To have that time of solitude and silence is a blessing. I am placing a high value on my well-being so I can be present with my kids and be the role model for them as we go through a period of uncertainty.

However, even when uncertainty strikes, possibilities arise.  Now that many are committed to staying at home, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to hopefully focus on ourselves. In particular, our state of wellness. According to the CDC, those who are at higher risk for severe illness have existing medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease. If we haven’t acknowledged it yet, self-care to optimize our health and well-being may be the best defense against unforeseeable circumstances such as the one we’re experiencing today.

What does wellness mean to you?  I think each of us have our own perspectives of being well.  For me, I see it as an integration of these six dimensions:

    • Eat Well – eating food that nourishes the body
    • Move Well – consistently developing strength, stability, and mobility of the body
    • Rest Well – quality sleep and recovery
    • Breathe Well – stress-relieving strategies such as breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation
    • Connect Well – meaningful relationships with others as a source of support
    • Love Well – loving God, loving one another and self, and doing things that brings joy and a sense of purpose


While it may be ideal to work on all dimensions, it’s more realistic to focus on one or two depending on the season of your life. Right now, I am prioritizing ‘breath’ and ‘connections’.  Every morning, I do a 10-minute meditation session and aim to do yoga at least three times a week. I am connecting with my family and friends online and by phone simply to say hello and check-in.  And staying as engaged with my kids to make sure they continue learning at home now that their school has closed.

Which part of your wellness are you currently focusing on?  Has this pandemic made you focus more on your health and well-being?



  1. Making a routine is so important to me. Today we’ll venture outside for a hike. I’m hoping to do family outdoor activities at least once a week.

    1. Having a lockdown here in CA, we’ve been going outside in the backyard as well as walks around the neighborhood.

  2. So incredibly important–everything starts with self care. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

    1. Agree! Let’s fill our cups with self-care 🙂

  3. This is so so important- especially right now in this season we are in. We’re all working to make it though this, and self care is huge!

    1. Yes this may be the time more people realize how important it is to focus on their wellness.

  4. I find myself a lot more focused and stress-free when I keep with my wellness and fitness routine. During the pandemic, I am finding more time to get outside in the fresh air

    1. Nice to hear you’re finding time to spend outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

  5. Actually, I am finding lots of comfort in my wellness and fitness routine. It keeps me centered. Hang in there!

    1. Great to hear! Having a wellness and fitness routine tremendously helps our mental state.

  6. I really should be focusing on my resting during this time. I’m still working at the office, though. I’m one of 10 (or so) who are still on site, everyone else is WFH. We have a huge building (with a factory attached), so we all have plenty of “safe” spacing. That said, my schedule has not really been affected (yet) by all the stuff happening, and I’m trying to maintain my fitness routine to keep everything as it was. Hoping this is over almost as quickly as it began. Stay safe!!

    1. Stay safe as well! Good to hear your schedule hasn’t been affected.

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