Shine your Light this Holiday Season

Do you know one of the things I look forward to during the holiday season? The light displays! I love seeing the creativity pour out, from astonishing ones like The Lighting of the Basilica and St. Augustine Night of Lights to simple ones in our neighborhood.

This year, I assigned my husband the enormous task of mowing the letters J-O-Y on our front yard, so we could trace it with lights for neighbors and dog walkers to enjoy. For me, the bright, colorful hues create an atmosphere of a joyful spirit—a reminder of a light always present within.


How might you let your light shine brightly? Here are five ways…

Self-Care 💕

I’m sure you knew this would be on top of the list. Here’s a quote I found that portrays my exact sentiments:

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” – Unknown.

Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit may be different for each of us. However, here are the foundational aspects outlined on this form created by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine:

Smile 😁

Who would benefit from your smile today? Sometimes I forget how infectious a smile can be. Just imagine being greeted by every person with a smile – wouldn’t that make such a big difference?

If you have a gift of humor – make someone laugh! I’m someone who loves to laugh but is not so great at coming up with punch lines. That’s where my husband comes in. Every day, he says or does something that makes the family laugh aloud. I’ve also noticed many people he interacts with always end up laughing in their conversations.

Laughter abounds in our home that our oldest daughter even presented about it at a Kids TEDx a few years ago. If you could use a smile or a laugh, watch the video below:

Give 🤲🏼

As a selfless giver, you’ve mastered the art of giving, particularly during the holiday season. When you give to others, you may have noticed that you also get something back. Research has shown that generous people experience increased personal growth and emotional well-being. When you genuinely give a hand to others in need, you’re filling their bucket with positive experiences. In return, you also fill yours with an overflow of positivity.


With many distractions and long list-to-dos, we’ve evolved into expert multi-taskers with our minds never present to do only one thing. Sad but true, but I see more people of all ages with rounded shoulders and bent necks as they stare at their phones, least aware of what’s happening around them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of it and working on separating myself from the screen at mealtimes and when the kids are around (unless if I’m taking photos… :)). So, let’s remind ourselves that when we’re mindful, we can fully appreciate our surroundings – God’s wondrous creation and the beautiful people we have in our lives. With presence, we can genuinely connect and have meaningful experiences.

Appreciate your Uniqueness


You are blessed with unique strengths.

Use your superpowers to guide, inspire, and encourage others.

You are here to be a light 🕯, so let it shine brightly!