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Think before your Act: Why a Wellness Vision Matters

Have you noticed at the beginning of the year,  your local gym is overly crowded? People motivated by the promise of a new year hit the gyms with full force, before giving it a second thought as to what it truly means to make lasting health behaviors.  Unfortunately, their motivation would only last for a short time.  When February arrives, the crowd dissipates.

Why?  Perhaps, due to a lack of vision.  Particularly, a Wellness Vision that aligns your healthful behaviors with something meaningful which leads to lasting changes.

think before you act

A Vision works

Many of you may be familiar with a Vision statement, particularly for companies.  Are you familiar with Disney’s vision ‘To make people happy’?  Disney definitely knows how to make my little peeps happy with all of the characters they’ve created throughout the years.  It’s short and simple, yet a powerful statement.  All of the creative processes are focused to keep this vision alive.   

If it works for a company, why not for an individual?  In fact, many people have applied the same concept to their own lives whether it’s a vision for success in their careers or personal relationships.  A Wellness Vision is similar but it refines the focus on the healthful behaviors an individual would do to become one’s Best Healthy Self.  

Think before you Act

Creating a Wellness Vision takes time as you go through a process of deep contemplation. It focuses on your desires to make healthful behavior changes that is aligned with your core values.  Thinking about your vision forces you to confront yourself in the mirror where you determine the gap between who you are today and where you want to go. 

However, once the challenging work is done, you have a compelling statement written down that will be your compass.  You will know whether or not the choices you make is taking you in the right direction.  In fact, you might find it easier to make healthful choices most of the time with your vision in mind.

A Wellness Vision leads to a Nourished Well-Being

With a Wellness Vision, the people who previously gave up on their fitness resolutions are more compelled to continue with their action-based goals with a clear view where they’re heading.  Their mind grows with possibilities instead of feeling stuck with where they are.  With the vision connected to their core values, a spark is lit from within that fires up their inner motivation.  Lasting changes are made resulting to a nourished body, mind, and spirit.

If you feel like you are constantly in action, but the result you experience is meaningless and you want to give up, take a pause.  Pause to think about who you are and what you desire for your well-being.  I created a free how-to guide to create a powerful Wellness Vision statement –  click HERE.


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