wellness vision 2022

Spark Healthy Habits in 2022 with a Wellness Vision

Cheers to a New Year! Let it be a new year filled with fresh perspectives.  To approach life with intention and alignment with what’s most important to you – your core values. One positive outcome of the pandemic is that it led me to realize the importance of well-being. Have you ever noticed how your energy ripples out to your quality of work or how you respond to other people?  The state of our well-being impacts our role, whether as moms, spouses, or leaders in the community.

So, how can you revitalize your well-being in the new year?

By getting clear on two things:

  1.  What you want less
  2.  And what you want more in life

Do you want less anxiety over possible arising health issues? How about more energy to do activities you enjoy? What holds more power and drive for you? The need for a pain point to go away or to experience the joy of pleasure.

It’s focusing inward for self-reflection to discover your true desires that can lead to new healthy habits.

If past resolutions haven’t come to fruition for you, you may be jumping into action too quickly.  In other words, you haven’t given much thought to what it means for you to be in control of your health.

Do you know one of the top New Year’s resolution for this year?  To lose weight.  It’s been in the top 10 resolutions for the past several years.  Losing weight isn’t easy.  Current statistics show the U.S. obesity rate has grown to 42.4%.  In addition, the current pandemic has led to an increase in weight due to “Stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy changes in eating habits, and increased alcohol consumption”.  To achieve a healthy weight takes forethought, planning, and consistency.  If losing weight doesn’t hold emotional, heart-wrenching meaning for you, the tendency is to return to old habits – what has already been ingrained in your mind.

Therefore, it’s essential to take time to look within.

As a fan of pen-to-paper, I’ve created a pdf guide, so you can take the time to write down your answers to the reflective questions and come up with a Wellness Vision statement for the new year. This practice will help reveal insights you may have buried in your mind and heart that would propel you to take the next step to put the spotlight of care on you. Once your wellness needs become front and center, the wheels start to turn slowly at first when you take the first small steps and become a steady forward motion when the small steps turn into consistent habits.

My Wellness Vision

Let me share with you my wellness vision.  It has been the same over the years with slight tweaks as I continue to grow and learn about myself and my purpose.

I am strong in body, mind, and spirit.  I am mindful of my thoughts and emotions, making intentional choices aligned with my core values of faith, family, wellness, service, and connections.  So that I’m serving God’s given purpose to my utmost potential and creating a culture of positive well-being within my family and in the community.


2022 Vision