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Five Self-Care Tools for your Wellness Needs

With the height of the holiday season coming up, I’d like to share five self-care tools/resources to give you ideas and inspiration to meet your self-care needs during the busiest time of the year. From an online healthy grocery marketplace to books about wellness and self-care, they all have helped nourish my well-being these past several years.

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through them, I’ll earn a commission. However, I linked these products not because of the commission, but because I’ve been using them for a period of time and have benefited my well-being.

Calm Meditation app

I purchased a lifetime subscription a couple of years ago, and it has made a massive difference in hampering my stress levels. It’s been a part of my morning self-care routine repertoire, which starts at 5 am on weekdays. There are many variations of meditation in the app, but I mostly use the featured meditation that changes daily.  



After each session, it shows an image with an inspirational quote that I love to share in my Instagram stories (Follow Me!)


They have a free version; however, If you’d like me to try the full version, click HERE.




Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller

I’m all about routines – I mentioned meditation is part of my early morning routine, along with reading a Bible Scripture, journaling, and prayer. As far as the evening routine, one of the best things I do for my body is foam rolling. It gives much-needed relief and relaxation to my muscles and joints.

Foam rolling has helped with decreasing muscle and joint pain and improving my range of motion. I use a variety of tools to ‘roll,’ but my favorite for my back is the Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller.

Thrive Market

My favorite place to shop for healthy groceries online at low prices!  When compared with brands sold in stores I frequent, I find Thrive Market to have the best deals.  I like to take advantage of their free items from time to time too.  The last box I ordered included Taza dark chocolate bars, LMNT electrolyte drink mix, and healthy snack packs for the kids. 

If you use my code, you’ll get 30% off and a gift with your first order. Enjoy!


Books by one of my favorite health podcasters – Shawn Stevenson




If you’re an avid reader and looking to gain knowledge, be inspired, and get entertained, grab Shawn Stevenson’s books! One is about making smarter food choices, and the other is about getting good quality sleep. He does an excellent job providing the research in laymen’s terms and gives deep insights on the power of food and sleep on our well-being. Use my Amazon affiliate links if you’d like to purchase and read: Eat Smarter , Sleep Smarter


More books filled with delicious recipes!

As a runner, I was excited to get a copy of Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky’s series of recipe books:









These books have inspired many of the meals I’ve cooked in the past few years. You don’t have to be a runner either to enjoy them.  The recipes are made with wholesome ingredients and easy to follow. Even my 11-year old has cooked a recipe or two.

My favorite to make is the pumpkin spice superhero muffins!  

Run Fast, Eat Slow

Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow

Rise and Run


I have many more tools and resources to share in upcoming posts. While the list I provided for you requires a little investment, remember that giving yourself loving care every day is as simple as pausing and taking slow, deep breaths to bring you back to the present moment. You deserve self-care, and you already have the resources from inside you to make it a priority in your life.