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Self Care Matters for Selfless Giving Women

Are you taking care of yourself?

A question you might often hear but ignore as you continue to put more commitments on your plate. As a Mom and a retired military spouse, I’ve made the mistake time and again of putting myself on the backburner. I cherish my role as a mother – to be present and meet my children’s desires first. Yet, I realized after a much-needed wake-up call, it was unsustainable for my well-being.  

After a routine visit to the doctor, I found out my blood glucose test result was borderline prediabetes. The outcome of my body in need of self-care but not receiving it. This was when I realized my well-being mattered most to me and those I love.

So this question comes up – Are you taking care of yourself?

A question to remind you that self-care matters. Particularly to those who are SELFLESS GIVERS. Is that you? You give so much of yourself to others, spending most of your day answering to the needs of family, friends, even coworkers, and bosses. 

Eventually, you might experience a shift. Perhaps you lose your sense of self or, worse, your well-being suffers. You might notice changes in your physical health. It could be more sick days, less energy, or blood levels indicating a higher risk for a chronic condition (like me!). You might feel your mental and emotional capacities drained. You’re distracted, less productive, and even more irritable. 

You now realize, like I did, something has to change.

Where to begin?

The first step is being aware and acknowledging who you are today. Give yourself compassion. Offer yourself words of kindness. You make a difference every day to the people you nurture and support! 

Yet now it’s time to shift the focus on you. Imagine the possibilities. Who are you a year from today? Are you taking care of yourself first? What would that look and feel like? 

When you leverage your strengths of responsibility, commitment, and dedication to others, you can overcome the hurdles to create space for self-care. You can forge a path towards becoming a selfless giving woman who nurtures self-care. The possibility starts with your action.

I believe you have the power within you to take control and be in charge of your well-being. When you give yourself loving care, you fill your vessel and have more of yourself to give to others and continue to be the positive force in your family and community, 

So tell me, how are you taking care of yourself today?



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  1. We have reached the time of year when it gets harder to take care of me. I have my little routines, but the holiday season is all about making others happy, in my book. I’ll get back to myself in a few months.

    1. It sounds like you want to make sure everyone in your life have a joyful holiday and that you’ll get back on track in the New Year.

  2. I’ve gotten better with self care – it’s easier now that my kids are grown. Work sometimes interferes but not as often as it used to!

    1. I can relate with having kids. They’re still young but have become more independent that I can definitely focus on myself more.

  3. I have gotten much better about taking care of ME. A lot of that came as I became more involved with running. I learned that I needed to eat better foods (consistently, not just the night before a race). Eventually I learned the value of cross-training. Now I’m working on rest/recovery. I’m also getting better at saying “no” to tasks that I simply do not have time for. And, I love those first 15-20 minutes after I get home from work…I sit down with a chai latte’ and do NOTHING 😉

    1. ‘Better at saying NO’ – I agree! Saying no to things that aren’t fulfilling.

  4. I have gotten more serious about self care over the past year or so. What I’ve realized is that I don’t need to block out a huge amount of time for self care. Sometimes just 10-15 mins doing something relaxing is amazing!

    1. That’s awesome Kim! Even 15minutes can do wonders 🙂

  5. There are times when I do a really good job in this area. Other times, I can use some work. Right now I am good!

    1. I understand! It’s the ebb and flow of our lives. As long as you divert back the focus on you and sounds like you are at this point.

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