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Self Care Matters for Selfless Giving Women

Are you taking care of yourself?

This is a question that usually comes up when I feel exhausted.  As a Mom and a soon to be retired military spouse (woohoo no more deployments!), I’ve experienced days of self neglect.  I love being the primary caregiver for my children – to be always present meeting their needs first.  Until one day I received unexpected results from a routine physical exam. This is when I realized my well-being mattered most.  Not only to me, but also to those I love.

So this question arises time and time again – Are you taking care of yourself?

It’s a question I know we can use as a reminder how much self care matters.  Many women, some of them I personally know, are SELFLESS GIVERS.  They give so much of themselves to others, spending most of their day answering to the needs of family, friends, even coworkers, and bosses.  In due time something starts to change, perhaps they lose their sense of self or worse, their well-being.  They recognize changes in their physical health whether that’s more weight around the waistline, feeling less energized, or more sick days.  Their mental and emotional capacities are drained with becoming more distracted, less productive, and even more irritable.  They realize, like I did, something has to change!

Where to begin?

The first step is bringing the awareness to the forefront that this is who you are today.  Give yourself compassion!  Offer yourself words of kindness – how you positively impacted the people you nurture and support!  Yet now it’s time to shift the focus on you.

Imagine the possibilities.  Who are you a year from today.  Are you continuing to give…but taking care of yourself first?  What would that look and feel like?   When you leverage your strengths of responsibility, commitment, and dedication to others to satisfy your own wellness needs.  Forge a path towards becoming a selfless giving woman who nurtures self-care.  The possibility starts with your action.

I believe you have the power within you to take control and be in charge of your well-being.  To place yourself first to fully serve your purpose and be the positive force in your family and community.

So tell me, are you taking care of yourself today?

If you struggle with taking back your sense of self and well-being, I invite you to start with a Wellness Vision statement.  This exercise will help you determine where you want to go, why it matters, and ultimately gives you purpose to work through the challenges to become your Best Healthy Self.  Download a free guide today.

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