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Connect your Values with your Wellness

How do you define Wellness?

When you hear the word Wellness, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?  If you ask me, I think of THRIVING.  My mind, body, and spirit are growing, resilient, and actively engaged.  I feel energized, in flow with the things I do, using God-given abilities to the fullest.

Wellness is defined as the optimal state of mental and physical health.  

connect your values to your wellness

With a clearer picture of wellness, do you feel like you are calling the shots in all aspects of your mental and physical well-being?  Or are there areas of your wellness that you’d like to improve and be in control of?  Instead of feeling stuck, lost, or discouraged, you are yearning for inspiration and motivation to start your wellness journey.  What can take you to the next level is to look from within and draw out your values in life.

Discover your Values

When you’re in your 40s like I am, we start to think about things that are most meaningful to us.  What is fulfilling.  What brings us joy.  Is it to be a role model for your children?  Is it serving in your community? Having a peace of mind?  These are your core values.  They are personal and can change over time.

Do you know your core values?  If not, ask yourself “Who am I” or “Who do I want to be” and “Why”?  I’ve asked myself this question recently as I am transitioning from a stay-at-home mom to having my own business.  It’s important for me to stay true to my values as I build my private coaching practice.

The values that stood out to me the most are my Faith, Family, Meaningful Relationships, Serving others, and lifelong Learning.  I also learned along the way to value wellness, realizing I need to be well to serve well.

Connect your Values with your Wellness

As you consider healthy lifestyle changes, connecting your values to your wellness helps you to stay focused when challenges get in the way.   Is service to others one of your top 5 values?  Then ask yourself, what would happen if you gave up easily on your goals.  How would that affect your abilities in serving others?

Your values are a big part of your Why.  It gives you the deeper meaning for the changes you want in your life so you can be in control.  Being well and thriving allows you to live your values.  You are the master of your wellness and you are unstoppable!

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