Unexpected Diagnosis: Prediabetes

When your doctor gives you an unexpected diagnosis based on your lab tests – what’s your gut reaction? What thoughts come to your mind? You might be having a hard time processing this information, especially since you’ve had good results for the past few years.

Or so you thought… You could have been experiencing what I did many years ago when I had the unexpected results of a higher than usual A1C – one bordering prediabetes levels. But since it wasn’t at the prediabetes level yet, my doctor wasn’t concerned about it. So he didn’t mention it until I asked. Even then, he brushed it off as something not to worry. However, if I had taken his word and didn’t delve into more information about high blood sugar and insulin resistance, I would have prediabetes, maybe even nearing type 2 diabetes today.

If you received the news that you have prediabetes, consider it a blessing. Because having prediabetes doesn’t mean you’re destined for type 2. Maybe you’ve seen the debilitating effects of it with family members or friends, which made you feel discouraged. But let me reassure you that it’s in your power to change the course of your health. You CAN prevent or delay type 2 diabetes with a healthy lifestyle change.

One Simple Step

What is one simple step you can take today? PRACTICE SELF-AWARENESS. Spend a bit of time paying attention to your daily actions and routines. It’s getting to know your eating habits, movement habits, sleep habits, and how you handle stress. Once you’re familiar, differentiate between behaviors that are helpful to your health and which ones you’re ready, willing, and able to work on. You are starting right where you’re at and taking it one simple step at a time toward transforming your health.

One individual I’ve been working with realized his routine of going out to a restaurant with friends influence him to eat whether or not he’s hungry. Being socially connected is important to him, so saying no to going out wasn’t an option. Instead, he came up with the solution of only ordering a drink or something light to eat. He also let his friends know about his health and the changes he’s trying to make.

A Proven Program to Prevent or Delay Type 2

You may or may not know that there’s a program available for people with prediabetes proven to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Known today as the PreventT2 Lifestyle Change program – the research done by NIH showed that a structured lifestyle intervention cut the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%. For people 60 years and older, the program reduced type 2 diabetes risk by 71%.  These are significant, life-changing results.

PreventT2 for people with prediabetes
Image credit to CDC

If you’re READY to be in the driver seat and go on a journey of health transformation, then this may be a program that’s right for you. More information on Evoke Strong PreventT2 program page.

We have a September Virtual Zoom cohort starting soon. Click to register => September PreventT2.