The ‘Whys’ of evoke STRONG

In a lunch and learn hosted by The Rosie Network for the Service2CEO program, we learned about the importance of a business plan. Unfortunately, I missed most of the lecture because I had to pick up my daughter from camp.  However right before I left, we watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action which was based on the book Start with Why.  I’ve heard of the book (have yet to read it) and this was the first time I saw the third most popular TED video of all time!  Why should we ‘start with why’?  Because the WHY conveys your purpose and beliefs giving a deeper meaning to your mission.

In episode one of evoke STRONG live, I talked about the ‘WHYs’ of evoke STRONG

  • Build Awareness.  Being aware makes you realize a need for change.  This is when you start to think about the advantages and disadvantages of taking action.  I believe raising awareness about the way we eat, move, sleep, and handle stress paves a way towards change for improved health.

  • Share Stories.  I want to share stories of transformation.  Stories of ordinary people like you and me, who chose to change their lifestyle so they can restore or improve their health.  It’s my hope that by sharing these stories, those who watch and listen may find inspiration in one or all of them.  Stories are powerful in a way they can move people to action.  It’s a person saying, “If she can overcome her struggles, I can do the same!”


  • Grow a Community.  How important is it to have the support of a community when you’re in the midst of a challenge?  A lifestyle change to improve your health is a challenge.  To have others celebrate your achievements and empathize when you feel defeated makes a big difference.  Someone to applaud you when you reach a goal.  Someone to listen to you when no one else understands.  A community standing with you is an essential ingredient of healthy living.

Ultimately, I created evoke STRONG so I can serve you.

You, who needs guidance in choosing the path towards a lifestyle of healthy habits.

I invite you to watch the replay of Ep01:  An Introduction to evoke STRONG.  Click on the FB logo to enable the comment feature if you’d like to leave comments for the show.

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  1. I love that your passion is to serve. It’s one of mine too. I’m so happy that your business is taking off and you’re stepping out of your comfort zone to help others. It’s admirable. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thanks Angela! I’m excited to see you create a big impact as well!

  2. Love these points you made! I’m definitely going to watch that TED talk and get the book!
    Thank you !

    1. I plan to get the book too!

  3. Yes! In any project I start with the why.

    1. Good to hear Heather!

  4. These are such great tips. I’ve been apart of a few different Direct Sales Companies before I started blogging and finding a why and building a business plan with goals are always so big and what everyone talks about when they talk about why they’ve succeeded.

    1. Thanks! It does help to define your why. And when there are obstacles along the way, you keep on going because you know exactly why you’re doing it.

  5. I love the idea of community growing. This is how we serve each other and build!

    1. Yes having a community to lean on is so important for reaching goals especially when it revolves around a lifestyle change.

  6. Thanks for sharing! These “why” posts are often my most favorite to read!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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