This 90-min session sets up the foundation of your wellness journey and guides you to purposeful action towards your wellness goals.

What you get out of this valuable session:

Access to a comprehensive online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) adapted from WellCoaches. The assessment enhances your self-awareness about the 7 different components of your well-being, where you’re already succeeding and where you’re ready to start making changes.

You discover your deepest inner motivations; Identify your top strengths and your core values; Find out barriers that may get in the way; and Discuss strategies to support you on your wellness journey.

 A powerful Wellness Vision Statement as we take the time to determine what matters to you the most and how this is connected to your higher purpose for change.

 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Realistic, Time-bound) goals connected to your vision.  These are challenging yet achievable healthy behaviors you want to do consistently in 3 months.

 Small yet impactful steps – SMART Weekly goals towards your 3-month goals.

Your investment:  $120

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