Foundational wellness plan

Your three valuable take-aways from this 90-min foundational wellness planning session:

  1.  Discover your ‘Ideal Self’
  2.  Identify Three-Month Wellness Milestones
  3.  Schedule the First Week Small Steps towards your milestones

What to expect:

 Complete a comprehensive online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) adapted from WellCoaches.  This assessment will help you discover the different aspects of your well-being, where you’re already succeeding, and where you’re ready to start making changes.

 To discover your ‘Ideal Self’, we will discuss your core values and your top strengths.  Determine your inner motivations – what drives you to success.  Find out barriers that may get in the way and come up with strategies that will support you on your wellness journey.

 You will have a powerful written statement describing your ‘Ideal Self’ as we take the time to discover what matters to you the most and how this is connected to your higher purpose for change.

 Once you have a clear picture of your ‘Ideal Self’, the final step is to identify wellness milestones – the healthy behaviors you choose to do consistently in 3 months so you are closing the gap between your current self and your ‘ideal self’.

 Small yet impactful first week steps scheduled on your calendar to work towards your 3-month milestones.

Your investment:  $120

Are you ready to invest in your health?  Let’s schedule a FREE 30-min Healthy Lifestyle Change Discovery Session Free 30-min session to discover your wellness needs, discuss the lifestyle changes you’re ready to start, and how I can best serve you.

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