evoke STRONG’s mission is to AWAKEN the STRENGTH in YOU

towards the journey of change.


To EVOKE your inner spark to a


Our Purpose is to ~ Build Awareness – Share Stories – Grow a Community ~


The key feature of evoke STRONG are the compelling stories of women who made the CHOICE to take control of their health and achieved incredible TRANSFORMATIONS. They are everyday women who decided to leap towards CHANGE.  A lifestyle change that altered the way they eat, the way they move, even in the way they sleep and react to life stressors.



In these stories, we explore the nature of their transformation – how the spark was ignited that started a chain of reaction towards a desired change for the best.   We share these stories to BUILD AWARENESS and recognize change is a process.


To truly inhabit a new healthy lifestyle, you have to be READY and wholeheartedly COMMITTED to the process. But how does a person ambivalent about change reach the point of readiness? It’s in our hopes these stories will elicit a strong emotion deep inside to steer you to the path towards better health.

The stories are featured via FACEBOOK LIVE interviews on our FB page.  Subscribe to our website to be notified of future live episodes of evoke STRONG Live.  You can view the replays on the BE INSPIRED page.

About the Founder of evoke STRONG:

Elaine Dusetzina is an 11-year Navy veteran and a Navy spouse with two young daughters. Years of ignoring her own health due to the demands of motherhood, Elaine found herself in an unhealthy state and realized she needed a lifestyle change. With small changes, she made progress towards a healthier well-being.

In her journey of lifestyle change to improve her health, she realized she wanted to create a space for other women to share their stories, hence Featured Friday Conversations was born. Using the power of Facebook Live, Elaine aims to share health transformation stories to evoke, inspire and empower others to go on a journey towards better health.

With a passion for health awareness and health promotion, Elaine is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Cal U of PA to become a certified health and wellness coach and earn an MS degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotions.

Current Certifications:  American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer,  ACE Behavior Change Specialist

Read her story of health transformation on My Journey of Change.

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