This 90-min session sets up the foundation of your wellness journey and guides you to purposeful action towards your wellness goals.

What you get out of this valuable session:
♥ Access to a comprehensive online Well-Being Assessment (WBA). The assessment increases your awareness in the 7 areas of well-being, where you’re starting, and areas you’re ready to make changes.

♥ Discover your intrinsic motivations; Identify your strengths; Address challenges that get in the way; and Determine strategies to support you on your wellness journey.

♥ A well-thought out written Wellness Vision Statement set as the foundation to develop lifestyle habits to achieve your wellness goals.

♥ 3-month SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Realistic, Time-bound) goals connected to your vision. These are the healthy behaviors you want to do consistently in three months.

♥ Weekly SMART goals – small yet powerful steps towards your 3-month goals.

Your investment: $125

Christmas special discount! $100  (This offer expires on 1/30/2020)