What is your definition of Best Healthy Self?  Take a moment to yourself and do this exercise with me.  Close your eyes.  Imagine, it’s a few years later and you’re having a conversation with your ‘future Best Healthy Self’.  What would you hear her saying about her body, mind, and spirit?  How would she look and feel?  What would she be doing?  Only YOU have the answer.

With my guidance, the answer will become clearer to you!

Highlighting your strengths, we collaborate and partner to develop your goals focused on enhancing your well-being, health, and overall happiness that are aligned with your values.  We dig deep to bring out your inner motivation – the WHY for becoming your Best Healthy Self. We also identify barriers and have strategies in place to move you forward in making changes that last for a lifetime.

These sessions will transform your mind in ways you never imagined!


*Program includes:

  • Comprehensive online Well-Being Assessment – a valuable tool to help you view your wellness from a holistic perspective, not only the physical but also the mental and emotional aspects.


  • Initial Session (90-min) –  discuss the Well-Being assessment, learn more about your priorities/strengths/motivators/challenges/goals and support you to develop a personalized plan.


  • Weekly Sessions (30-min) –  review goals, discuss and work through challenges, and set follow-on goals that will help you stay on track and be accountable.


  • Secured Client Website – record and track your goals,  unlimited access to me via direct messaging so I can give you continued support when you have questions.


  • Monthly Follow-up – after program ends to ensure you are consistent with your desired change.


*3-month program

This is highly recommended in moving you forward to your ‘Best Healthy Self’. Why commit for three months?  It’s the ideal length of time to experience meaningful progress and establish new habits.

*Monthly Program

I understand you might not be ready to commit to three months and still would like to experience the benefits of coaching.  A *monthly package is available if you feel it is the best option for you right now.

60-min Wellness Strategy Session

Separate from the packaged program, this session is also available to help you refine your Wellness Vision and goals.


Still unsure if coaching is right for you?  Let’s schedule a Free 15-min Get Acquainted Session to have your questions answered. SCHEDULE NOW


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