Monthly Coaching

Partner with me as your health coach to learn how to implement healthy behaviors as part of your daily routine with weekly coaching conversations focused on creative problem solving and developing a growth mindset.




Our weekly coaching conversations:

  Evoke positive emotions.  We talk about your best experiences and celebrate wins from the previous week.

 Develop accountability.  We review your weekly goals and lessons learned from action or inaction towards your goals.

 Increase self-awareness.  We discuss what worked or didn’t work in the previous week and how you might apply the lessons learned to move forward in the following weeks.

 Provide a non-judgmental space.  With compassion, we address your areas of concern, challenges, and anything else you’d like to further explore and learn about your well-being.

 Focused on growth and progress in alignment with your vision. We brainstorm ideas and identify specific actionable steps for the following week.  

Your investment:  $167 *


I recommend starting with the Foundational Wellness Plan before committing to the Monthly Coaching Program.

OPTION:  BEST VALUE COACHING PACKAGE includes Foundational Wellness Plan Session + 12-Weekly Coaching Sessions

Behavioral change often takes time to implement and sustain where the pace is uncertain and varies amongst individuals.  Therefore, I’d like to recommend a 3-month commitment to work towards your wellness goals.  

* Monthly program includes four weekly 30 – 45 minute sessions