Monthly Coaching sessions

The monthly coaching sessions consist of four weekly 30 to 45 minute conversations (phone or video call).  They are designed to help you work towards your goals connected to your Wellness Vision.

Value of the weekly coaching sessions:

We discuss your progress without judgment, reviewing your accomplishments, your best experiences, what worked and didn’t work, as well as lessons learned and what you’d like to do differently in the upcoming weeks.  

→  Dive into any topic of concern from the previous week. Anything related to your health and wellness that you’d like to further explore and learn.  This discussion opens your mind and heart to possibilities for change and growth towards your vision.

→  Set new goals for the week to continue moving you forward.  These goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Based, Realistic, Time-bound).  We’ll identify the support structures to increase your success with these goals and establish a plan to handle possible challenges.

→ The fourth session will include a review of your 3-month goals to confirm they are still connected to your vision, find out your best learning experience from the past sessions, and determine your level of commitment to these goals.

 Access to a secure Client platform –  for sharing notes from the session, track goals, and unlimited access to me via direct messaging so I can give you continued support when you have questions about your progress.

Your investment:  $160

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