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Be inspired by these incredible women who made significant lifestyle changes to transform their health!

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Season 2: Health Transformation Stories

Season 2 of evoke STRONG Live changed its title from Featured Friday Conversations to Health Transformation Stories now airing Live on evoke STRONG’s Facebook page on a Thursday instead of Friday.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming episodes.

Episode 012 – Power of Belief with Courtney Montgomery

When Courtney found the right approach that helped her lose 90 lbs., she realized, it wasn’t just about the weight, it was also the journey of discovering more about herself and the best of who she can be.

P.S. Please excuse the dog barking for a few minutes during the interview
About Courtney Montgomery:
Courtney was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi. She graduated with a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and taught group fitness part-time through college. When she moved to Denver in 2014, this is where her journey towards health came to fruition.
Courtney is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor and currently teach a plethora of classes at Lifetime Athletic – Flatirons in north Denver metro area. She teaches dance, barre, indoor cycling, strength, and HIIT classes. Recently, she started a cheer/dance prep program in the Boulder Valley area. She is also a business manager for two realtors at Re/max Alliance.

Her active lifestyle, healthy diet and intermittent fasting were the biggest contributors to her 90-lb weight loss and the energy she currently has to keep up with her crazy schedule, which also includes caring for her 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter.

Facebook: Courtney Montgomery Fitness & Dance
Instagram: @courtneyemontgomery

Episode 011 – Body Reset with Hallie Steinberg

Hallie struggled with sugar cravings and emotional eating for as long as she can remember, until she tried an elimination diet that reset her body. She noticed a huge difference with more energy, less brain fog and bloat gone!

Hallie Steinberg is a health and wellness educator passionate about inspiring healthy living to people of all ages. Through whole food nutrition and simple changes, every one can aspire to live a healthy and prosperous life. 

Hallie has partnered with the Juice Plus company to help bring whole food nutrition in an easy and convenient way. Juice Plus whole food concentrate is 30 raw vine-ripened fruits and vegetables concentrated into a chewy or a capsule, perfect for children and adults. Juice Plus is third-party certified to be guaranteed of all herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and molds and has over 38 clinical studies in published medical journals citing the benefits including reduced inflammation, DNA repair, better lung and cardiovascular health, and increased immune support. 

You can learn more about Juice Plus and it’s many benefits at the following website:

Hallie Steinberg also has a Facebook group called Hallie’s Healthy Living where she posts healthy living tips and Family friendly recipes daily.

Hallie is happy to answer any questions and share samples. Please reach out to her via email:

Episode 010 – Be the Boss of your Health with Liz Hronek

Featuring Liz Hronek, the founder of Miss Fit Boss, a body empowerment brand that has been featured Good Morning America, Inside Edition, E! News, and People Magazine for losing half her body weight – from 300 lbs to 150 lbs and keeping it off for 10 years.

Today, she is helping others do the same through her health coaching. Liz is certified in personal training and nutritional therapy, and has been working with clients for over 10 years.

Find out more about Liz:

Email –
Facebook – Miss Fit Boss: Liz Hronek
Instagram/Twitter/YouTube – @themissfitboss

Episode 009 – Self Compassion with Christina Hope Justice

Featuring Christina Hope Justice and her journey of emotional healing to restore her health.

At the age of 4, Christina was abandoned by her mother which left her with emotional and body-image issues for decades. When Christina was in her 30s, her mother passed and she became depressed. She gained 70 pounds in a few months from taking antidepressants.

After seven years of obesity, confusion, and emotional as well as physical pain, Christina made the decision to take control of her weight in 2009. She began with an elimination diet, which made her aware of how food was causing many of her physical symptoms. With a healed leaky gut and 86 pounds lost, she realized the power of food as medicine and its potential to heal her mental health issues so she can get off the endless cycle of drugs.

With her background as a fitness instructor, she naturally moved into becoming a personal trainer. In her experience training clients, she discovered that underlying emotional issues made weight loss and healthy habits more complicated than just a simple solution of diet and exercise. One day, Christina did an exercise she had given to a client, where she looked in the mirror and spoke loving words to herself. There, she realized the root of her own issues lay in her unhealed childhood trauma. Thus began her journey of emotional healing and spiritual evolution.

About Christina:
Christina is an Intuitive Empath and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. You can learn more about her by checking out her website –
Facebook – Black Swan Sibyl Healing

Support Christina through Patreon:

Episode 008 – Inside-Out Approach to Health with Katie Alyssa

Katie shares her story of struggle with several eating disorders and how she found a holistic natural approach in repairing her relationship with food and her body.

About Katie Alyssa:
Katie is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, and an Inner Child Work Specialist.

She is passionate about unraveling limiting beliefs, transform their unconscious minds, so that clients can tap into their full potential as an empowered woman. Katie loves positive parenting, healthy cooking and and in her free time, you’ll find her playing with her 2 kids or creating a new recipe!

Connect with Katie:
Website –
Facebook – Katie Alyssa
Instagram –

Join her private FB group: Freedom from Food

Access her Food Freedom Masterclass with 4 easy to implement tools that you can start using today to achieve food freedom:

Episode 007 – The Path to Empowerment with Brandi Blouch

This is Brandi Blouch’s story of empowerment. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her 30s and for many years she searched for ways to find stability. In this interview, she shared with us how she’s able to manage her illness today.

Brandi is the Best-Selling Author of “From Ups and Downs to Middle Ground”, Surviving Bipolar. In her book, she intertwined her real life stories with helpful tips on how to survive the trepidations of bipolar disorder.

She has a Bachelors’ degree in Psychology with a Minor is Rehab. Counseling. She also has a Certification in Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching. She believes that no two people are the same, nor do they take the same journey through life. She is a supportive mentor and a wellness authority who works to help others feel your best. She provides a safe environment where you can share your struggles and be assisted to have a healthy relationship with yourself and the world around you.

You can friend her on facebook:
Other ways to connect:
Via email –
Instagram –
LinkedIn –

Episode 006 – Transformed by Faith with Khara Ashburne

Khara Ashburne is a career professional with over 20 years of progressive business experience in marketing, business development and account management. After reaching an all time weight of 250 lbs, she decided to make some serious changes in the fall of 2015, beginning by surrendering her diet to God. Since that time she has lost 60 lbs by practicing a low starch, plant-based lifestyle. She believes that God has called her to minister to others in the areas of emotional and physical healing which leads to the shedding of both mental and physical pounds. With God’s guidance she launched The Rebirth Experience in 2016 providing faith-based coaching to women leading them to weight loss by faith. This married mother of 3 is on a mission of healing and empowerment with one single objective – to help others restore their temple and represent for the Kingdom of God. Her guiding Scripture is: “For in Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

Connect with Khara ⬇️
Twitter: coachkharaa
Instagram: coachkhara

Episode 005 – Adventure in Healthy Living with Rachel Meyer

Do you have an unstoppable craving for all ‘sugary-foods’? Coupled with chronic fatigue and joint pain? Find out how to overcome these challenges by listening to Rachel Myer’s story!

Rachel is an online nutrition and gut health expert, specializing in helping women eliminate sugar cravings, chronic fatigue and those out of control feelings around food. She is passionate about helping women ditch the all-or-none diet mentality and find adventure in healthy living. In addition to her online nutrition and fitness program, she leads backpacking, snowshoeing, day hikes and more where she resides in Colorado.

Connect with Rachel!
Website: or
Facebook Rachel Meyer Fitness
Instagram @summitfitofficial

Episode 004 – A Holistic Approach to Cancer with Jeanette Carbajal

Jeanette shared her journey towards better health while in the midst of being a caregiver to her family suffering from chronic disease including cancer.

In the process of understanding the multiple dimensions of cancer, she became a certified Holistic Cancer Coach. There is no one way to navigate the cancer maze or any chronic condition, therefore Jeanette meets her clients wherever they are on the path towards health. Together they find various ways to manage healthy habits so the body can heal quicker with grace. By finding a unique balance of a supportive “healing” team and detoxing the world around them, anyone can experience health while managing a diagnosis.

Jeanette loves to help her clients find a new level of calm. In her words, “I’m the calm in the center of their cancer storm”.

Jeanette is a Holistic Cancer Coach and Functional Life Coach with an emphasis on Lifestyle Consulting.

Connect with Jeanette ⬇️
Instagram: @experiencecancerhealth

Episode 003 – The Link between Gut Health and Mental Health with Kyla Thorne

Kyla Thorne is a stay-at-home, work-from-home, homeschool mom to 2 creative kiddos! She is passionate about addressing the ROOT cause behind our struggles – whether it’s physical health, inspired by her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis, or whether it’s mental health, inspired by the depression that accompanied her autoimmune illness & the anxiety that finally led to her Religious Trauma diagnosis.

Kyla started to learn more about gut health and what she could do with her lifestyle to continue to improve her health. Discover the lifestyle changes she made to heal her gut and its positive effects on her depression as well as her Hashimoto’s condition.

A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who is passionate about the link between gut health and mental health, since addressing this saved her life.

Connect with Kyla Thorne ⬇️ (as a friend or messenger)

Episode 002 – Bedridden to Fully Functional with Tricia Wisniewski

Tricia’s health journey started after surgery for a Brain decompression in Feburary 2017. For years, she struggled with symptoms from Chiari Malformation (a structural defect in the cerebellum). After surgery, Tricia developed what the doctors told her was dysautonomia later discovering it was caused by the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). Suffering from many weird symptoms, she was bedridden and confined to her home. Tricia did her own research to look for answers and started with the one thing she could control – NUTRITION. When she changed the way she ate, along with better sleep, exercise that she could tolerate and eliminating stress, the EBV went to remission and the dysautonomia symptoms diminished.

This health transformation led Tricia to become an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach where her focus is to help those who suffer from auto immune issues, fibromyalgia and chiari malformation – for them to discover that it’s possible to get back to health as she has done.

Connect with Tricia Wisniewski:
=> Facebook: Inspire – Health and Wellness 

Episode 001 – Surviving an Eating Disorder with Anna Wood

As an eating disorder survivor, Anna witnessed the harmful sides of the fitness industry. Her journey of finding a way back to her happy place of enjoying exercise took her through a physical and mental transformation.

She decided to become a trainer to share not just her love for working out, but also to offer her unique perspective on what it really means to take care of yourself and be fit. She regularly shares her workout tips with her audience, cracks down on fads and phony advice, and introduces a truly self-care based side of fitness.

Her passion is “Making Fitness Fit You” – it means working together with her clients and finding a way for exercise and nutrition to fit both their goals and personalities while adding to their life enjoyment instead of taking away.

Anna is a NASM-certified personal trainer and a military spouse currently residing in San Diego, CA.

Connect with Anna:
Facebook Anna Wood

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