Hold Well-Being Sacred

Selfless Giving women are always ready to meet the needs of others! But when it comes to self-care, it’s the last on their list.  Is this you?  Your kids, your family, your work – they all come before your own needs for wellness. You’ve lost your sense of self and you feel stressed, on the verge of burnout.  Worse, your doctor informed you that you’re at a greater risk for developing a chronic health condition.

 You realize it’s time for a lifestyle change!

To promise yourself to hold your well-being sacred.

Yet, you’re overwhelmed with the demands from your family, from work, from other commitments! You can’t seem to find the time and you feel guilty when you think about focusing on yourself.  The lack of confidence and motivation is not helping either.

What if I help you shift your mind so you are stepping forward to your wellness goals? 

Be the guide to increase your confidence and motivation to take charge of your health.

Wellness Coach Elaine Dusetzina
Hi, my name is Elaine Dusetzina. I’m a compassionate Wellness Coach ready to serve you – a selfless giving and purpose driven woman who wants to start taking care of your needs.  You want to learn how to create lasting behaviors to prioritize yourself and revitalize your well-being.

If you are physically and emotionally exhausted, you want to feel energized and stop worrying about your health, I am grateful you are here.  It’s my belief, within you is a strong drive and the strength to thrive. Let’s work together to bring these attributes to light.

Remember, you cannot serve fully from an empty cup! When you thrive, you are able to serve others in the best way.  

So let’s connect and move forward to your next steps.  We will develop a plan that builds your confidence and gives you the power to master your wellness.  You will implement lasting changes in your everyday life and serve others to your fullest potential.   Let’s schedule your free GET ACQUAINTED call TODAY!

With Love and Gratitude,



Elaine Dusetzina

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