evoke STRONG was created in 2017 by me, Elaine Dusetzina, when I discovered the importance of being well to serve well.

Out of this experience, I realized I wanted to share my story with the hope it awakens another to tune in to their well-being.  I understand as women our innate nature is to take care of other’s needs more than our own.  Unfortunately, when you abandon your well-being, it greatly impacts your quality of life. The good news is it’s never too late to change your behavior.  It’s amazing to witness the body and mind bounce back when you take the time to nurture it.

My story is one example of a personal transformation.  I know there are other women out there who have gone through the same experience.  And even more women desire to do so, but are seeking inspiration and motivation.  Hence, it became my mission to raise awareness and share the inspiring health transformation stories of other women.  That it is possible to make lifestyle changes no matter where you are in your life.

Today evoke STRONG’s mission has grown to help selfless giving and purpose-driven women shift their mindset so their inner drive and strengths are awakened to create healthy behaviors to prioritize their wellness and make lasting lifestyle changes.  

evoke STRONG envisions a thriving community of women, living their values, to serve God’s purpose to their fullest potential.

Here’s my story:

November 2015 was my wake-up call!  I finally scheduled a checkup, after skipping it for the past several years.  I got tired of taking my kids to their checkups and didn’t see the importance of going to mine.

With the expectation of a clean bill of health, I was shocked to see the results of my blood panel. In particular, my glucose (A1C) and triglyceride levels were much higher than before.  Results that after doing a bit of research indicated INSULIN RESISTANCE!

How can this happen?  I felt a little shame and was in denial.  I thought I was in “good shape”!  After all, I just ran the Marine Corps Marathon along with a handful of half marathons and shorter races in the past year.

Because I was a runner and not overweight, the doctor brushed off my concerns since it wasn’t yet in the pre-diabetic range (I was hovering at the borderline).  I felt furious and frustrated for not being heard.  However, I turned this frustration into action.  With the power of the internet, I started learning and experimenting ways to bring my levels down to normal.

To Serve Well, I need to Be Well

I couldn’t envision myself living with Type 2 diabetes, which motivated me to change my lifestyle habits.  The complications associated with diabetes plus the constant monitoring and a lifetime of medications didn’t sound appealing to me.

I learned that healthful habits once formed, become second nature and part of who I am. Within a year of discovering my health risk, the small steps I took towards better food choices made a huge difference. Developing the powerful habits of proper nutrition, strength training, sleep and stress management were effective ways that brought my levels back to normal.

In this journey, I realized that I needed to value my WELL-BEING.  When I’m not thriving physically, mentally, and spiritually, those who I care for – my children, my spouse, my family and those who I serve in my community suffers.  I need to be well, so I can best serve God’s purpose.

I am here to Serve You!

You don’t have to do it all by yourself!  When you are overwhelmed with responsibilities as a Mom, a wife, a business woman…you name it, your well-being is impacted.  Changes in your body and health issues start to creep in.  The good news is you have the power from within to take action to prevent and lower your risks for major health conditions.  All you need to do is reach out for help.  Let’s talk about your wellness needs and how I can help you achieve the results you desire.  Click Here to Schedule a Free Discovery Call!


Fun facts:

About evoke STRONG

​1.  I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the US when I was 12 with my mom and 3 siblings.  (Dad was already situated in Allentown, PA).  At first sight of water coming out of a faucet in our apartment, I was so excited I volunteered to wash the dishes everyday!

2.  My love for running started when I joined my high school cross-country team when I was a sophomore.  To date, I’ve ran 7 marathons, 19 half marathons and numerous other short distance races. My dream is to complete all 7 marathons of the World Marathon Majors (3 more to go! – Tokyo, London and Berlin).

3.  I was blessed to receive a special NROTC scholarship my first year in college that set me on a path of serving as a Naval Officer for 11 years.  It was in the Navy where I met my husband who is also a Naval Officer.

4.  The best part about being a Mom is feeling like a kid again.  My daughters have invigorated my love for music and dance particularly musical theater.  I think I get more excited about watching musicals than they do!

5.  My credentials (available on LinkedIn)